Collaborative Experiences

George Kamel has made a career out of heeding his instincts, which led him to positions of influence with financial guru Dave Ramsey and beyond. 

A Boston native, Kamel fell in love with Mobile on an impromptu trip which inspired him to fill out just a single college application, to the University of Mobile. He’d go on to graduate summa cum laude in 2012, and said the collaborative experiences he participated in during his tenure helped him make the most out of his adult life. 

Kamel loved being a part of the Campus Activities Board, the Covers music battle and True Spin, the weekly bible study group. And he points to his time on the SGA’s Capital Projects Committee as one of the ways he was able to best serve his fellow students. As head of the CPC, Kamel helped guide the allotment of more than $160,000 in student fees toward a host of projects. 

“I love collaboration, and that’s what I was able to hone at the University of Mobile,” he said. “Everything is better when we do things together.” 

Leadership can quickly go awry without character to guide it, however. Fortunately, Kamel’s upbringing left no room for ego, and he was raised to be humble and hospitable. 

“The hallmark of Middle Eastern culture is hospitality,” Kamel said. “Hospitality invites people in, it’s welcoming.” 

So is positivity, which has been a benchmark of his career with Dave Ramsey, that has not only given him the opportunity to host major events and the The Dave Ramsey Show Video Channel, but it also led him to his wife, Whitney. 

Instinct led Kamel to Ramsey, and Whitney, and he recognized, “that was God having His hand in all of it.” 

“The people I gravitate toward are the ones that have a positive attitude and say, ‘Yes, and . . .’,” Kamel said. “Those are the ones I want to be around.”

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