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The University of Mobile has been a lot of things for me, but friendship-curator must be my favorite. I moved to Mobile from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 2012 to start my college career. I did not know a single person, but that did not last long. The University of Mobile offered so many ways to get involved, from student life events to Ram Rush – the possibilities were endless. On move-in day, the girls on my hall and I had a meet-and-greet and, in that moment, I made some of my very best friends.

Hannah and Debra became two people that I quickly realized I cannot do life without. We were practically attached at the hip, never leaving each other out of anything. Our friendship involved a lot of intramural sports, conversations in the Caf, Ram Rush activities and late-night adventures. But what’s better than two friends? Four friends! In the fall of 2013, Piper and Sarah added so much to our group when they became students at the

University of Mobile. The five of us have remained friends throughout post-college life. Through graduation, continuing educations, careers, moving states and marriage – we have been through so many changes together, despite living hundreds to thousands of miles apart.

We recently took a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, together. It had been two years since we had all been together, and it seemed as if not a single thing had changed. We hiked, drank coffee, enjoyed good food, laughed and shared memories and stories of our time at UM.

Our four-day vacation together was nowhere near long enough, but we’ve decided to reserve a weekend every year to make time for us to all be together. I really look forward to our annual trip and seeing how much life will change, yet also stay the same.

As I take time to reflect on that weekend, I am reminded of the importance of friendship and the value these girls have added to my life. I am forever grateful that the University of Mobile brought us all together, and for the memories that we have shared and will continue to make.

Hannah Burch Vester graduated from the University of Mobile in 2017 and is now a clinical research coordinator at Coastal Clinical Research. She lives in Saraland, Alabama, with her husband, Heath, also a UM alumnus and creative director in UM’s Office for Marketing and Public Relations. Hannah enjoys traveling the world, kickboxing, enjoying dessert, and adventuring with her two pups, Finn and Raven.

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