Give It Your All

Cody Scott ’15

Cody Scott’s goal has always been to make an impact on the people around him, and the world at large. Growing up, the Louisiana native was an amalgam of God-given talent and hard-earned skills, excelling on various fields of play and in the classroom. A 4.0 student, Scott was high school valedictorian and recruited to the University of Mobile on a basketball scholarship.

That isn’t to say things ever came easy for him. Scott lost his father at 15 and has benefitted from the wisdom of his mother and several other mentors since. Some might turn inward to survive the loss at such a young age, but he’s infused with Southern hospitality and a heavy dose of humility which leads him to not only learn from others, but to practice empathy at every opportunity.

Which is why he’s an exceptional volunteer, a selflessness fostered through the university’s Project Serve campus-wide service events which allowed him the time off from class to help within the Mobile community. For the last four years, Scott has served as a big brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama.

“It makes me feel so good to see somebody else smile,” said the university’s 2015 graduate. “All that the experiences and people in my life have poured into me, I want to give back and make positive change.”

During college, Scott’s love of numbers and finance grew alongside his athletic abilities, leading him to a degree in accounting and a career with the accounting and advisory firm Wilkins Miller. In the last year alone, he’s begun leading team meetings centered around diversity and inclusion, helping guide those around him to better communication and understanding.

Although Scott’s abilities as a leader grew during his time in college, they are rooted in a lesson he learned as a much younger man — one that continues to help him spread light in the world.

“It all goes back to what my dad instilled in me,” he said. “If you’re going to do something, give it your all.”

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