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Tramaine Perry ’05

During his basketball career at the University of Mobile, it was easy to identify Tramaine Perry as a leader. The Rams’ star forward broke just about every meaningful record in school history and was part of several legendary teams.

But those at the university charged with his personal and professional growth saw even greater potential in the 2005 graduate. Longtime President Dr. Mark Foley and then-Head Basketball Coach Joe Niland were certain Perry was a born leader, and constantly gave him opportunities to speak in public and network throughout the community. That way, if by some chance basketball didn’t pan out, then the Louisiana native could have opportunities in other professional arenas.

As fate would have it, Perry didn’t make his mark as a professional athlete, but through the wisdom and guidance of others, and an unshakeable belief in God, he’s a devout husband, father, mentor and businessman today.

“I’m very thankful to those individuals because they saw something in me that this shy kid didn’t see in himself,” Perry said. “No matter what the situation calls for, I’m always ready to speak and move forward on behalf of the group.”

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems, but quickly realized that his passion lay in finance. So Perry entered the banking world and has never looked back.

Currently, he serves as a regional small business executive for all of BBVA Compass’s branches in Alabama and Florida. In 2018, he was named an Alumni Star by UM’s School of Business in recognition of his accomplishments.

The father of three boys, Perry also serves on the School of Business Advisory Board, and loves to help students along their journey.

“I stay involved because I believe in the institution, what it stands for,” he said. “And I always make sure I let the kids know that a relationship with God is the only thing that can carry you through this life.”

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