To Transfer Just Means to Transition

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Upon my high school graduation, I wasn’t planning to transfer from one college to another. As a senior in high school, I had my eyes set upon a four-year institution that was familiar and comfortable. I had intended it to be a four- year-long commitment. However, entering my sophomore year of college, I knew that a transition was in the works.

One would assume that this institution let me down in some way or had not reached every expectation I had set. This was not the case. For two years this institution was my home; it was a place of growth and great friendships. However, it was time for transition.

For the student contemplating transferring for whatever reason, be encouraged. It does NOT mean failure or an end; it simply means the end of one season and the beginning of another.

A transition of this kind creates nervousness and excitement – it pulls one out of their comfort zone, and that alone is a great reward. You are offered the opportunity of a fresh start and a new beginning. What a gift that truly is!

For myself, I knew a life change was in the works, but I had no clue where it would take me. I remember talking to a friend about my passions and the direction my life was taking, and she mentioned the University of Mobile. From that conversation I began to pray. I researched the school and its offerings. There was a pursuit for the Lord, a marketing concentration, and a degree program that pursued missions.

Within a couple of days, it was clear that this was the direction the Lord wanted me to pursue. I called, applied, got accepted, and moved to Mobile within a three-week period. It was a quick transition, to say the least, but I was ready.

The University of Mobile granted me the opportunity for a fresh start. I cannot thank the university enough for that. The University of Mobile provided me with tools, knowledge, experiences, memories, and relationships that I would have never known to expect or ask God for.

That is the beautiful thing about transitions. They are more than a change in location or vocation. They provide a time for obedience and trust in God. We are graciously given the opportunity to give God the control and see Him work.

That is my advice to a transferring student: Give God the control.

That simple truth did not occur to me overnight; it was and still is a process. However, God blessed me in it. This transition gave me the opportunity to raise my GPA, join a church family, build life-long relationships, and grow in my faith. Honestly, three years ago I would have never asked for any of those. That is why God is so good. He blesses you even when you do not ask. He allowed my transfer to be a beautiful transition.

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To Transfer Just Means to Transition

Upon my high school graduation, I wasn’t planning to transfer from one...
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