What Parents Value

As parents, we have felt many emotions about sending our daughter, Madi, off to college. The University of Mobile has helped us balance those emotions with a strong sense of confidence. There are many reasons we love sending our daughter to UM, but here are three specific ones:

1. Purpose Driven at Every Level.

The University of Mobile is God-centered. As Christian parents, we have challenged our daughter to seek God’s purpose. UM continues to foster this challenge. As a family, we view our faith as a foundation for daily living. It was clear from the start that the University of Mobile shares that same view. We witnessed a “Higher Education for a Higher Purpose” feeling during every tour on campus. We heard the heart of many leaders express the importance of building the faith of students for the marketplace. Knowing that our daughter would be surrounded by leaders pushing her to fulfill God’s purpose as a parallel to her academic goals, is a win for us.

This stage in life requires a lot of influence to maintain a God-centered purpose, and UM does an incredible job of providing that influence. For that reason, we feel a strong trust in the faculty. We feel that our daughter is spiritually safe at the University of Mobile.

2. Big Education in a Small Community.

We value the small community atmosphere at the University of Mobile. Our daughter is not lost in a sea of students. We have witnessed a family attitude from every angle. Every staff member we

have encountered has been genuinely concerned about our daughter’s education. Everyone has been friendly, compassionate and helpful. The class sizes are also ideal for a greater impact. The smaller student-to-faculty ratio creates a healthy learning environment. We have been made to feel that the University of Mobile is a part of our village. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

3. Excellence is the Standard.

We have taught our daughter to strive for excellence in every aspect of her life. The University of Mobile shines with excellence at every level. From the organization in the business office to the food in the cafeteria, excellence is the standard. Every production by the music department we have ever attended has been over the top. The landscape of the campus is magnificent. The dorms are extremely nice.

This school is a leader among universities for this reason; they take pride in everything they do.

The teachers and administration work hard and challenge the students to do the very best that’s possible. This level of excellence moves the University of Mobile from the “good “category to the “great” category, in our perspective.

It’s a pleasure, honor and blessing to send our daughter to the University of Mobile. Go Rams!

About the Author

Jeremy and Donna Donald