New Master’s Degree Equips Leaders

Looking for a master’s degree that will help you advance in your career? The University of Mobile has a new online graduate program in the School of Business designed to help you do just that: the Master of Science in Leadership and Communication. We asked Dr. Todd Greer, vice president for academic affairs, to tell us more. 

Q. Who is this program built for? 

The Master of Science in Leadership and Communication (MSLC) is designed to give 

business and non-profit professionals, who want to grow as leaders, the practical knowledge and skills they need to help their organization succeed. This online program is designed to equip professionals in the primary roles of leading and communicating within their organization. A Master of Science in Leadership and Communication prepares leaders to better understand all stakeholders within an organization in partnership with the purpose and processes of that organization. 

Q. What makes the program unique? 

In talking with our employers in our local community, we were consistently confronted by the same core needs that they were desiring of people scaling into leadership roles: communication skills, critical thinking, leadership capacity and emotional intelligence. While the Master of Business Administration provides a clear pathway for those seeking to lead in a very data-driven environment in the traditional business sector, we found that many organizations including corporate entities, community organizations, churches, schools, etc. were looking for individuals with a heavier focus on people engagement and wanted their next level of leadership to have the opportunity to grow in these areas. 

Also, we built the degree in such a way that, upon completion, graduates of the program would be qualified to teach in both the management/ leadership and communication disciplines at the undergraduate level. This is a great way for people to get their foot in the door as an adjunct faculty member at colleges to share their passion and knowledge. 

Q. Why should someone consider this degree? 

The Master of Science in Leadership and Communication is really built to strengthen the skillset of people in practice. The courses are built to equip our students with application-based opportunities that will prepare them to lead in a variety of organizations. Whether an individual is in a for-profit or not-for-profit entity, they need to understand and be prepared to lead and communicate the values of an organization, strengthen its culture, prepare it for innovation, and maintain its ethics – and this program is uniquely built to do this and more! 

Q. How long does it take to complete this program? 

What is great about this program is that it is built with flexibility in mind. Are you interested in focusing totally on the program? Great, our one-year model is perfect for you. Want to continue to work full-time? Fantastic. Through our two-year model you can continue to work and enjoy the flexibility of completing at a more manageable pace. Whichever route you take, there are no on-ground classes to rush off to, and only three live videoconferences per semester for each course. 

Q. Is there a fast-track option for traditional students? 

Yes, much like our Master of Business Administration degree in the School of Business, the MSLC provides traditional students with a fast-track option for undergraduates majoring in management and communication. With these options, students can conceivably graduate with both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years when following the degree plan for this program. 

Q. When can I enroll? 

As this is a cohort model (students stay together throughout the coursework) enrollment only happens prior to the fall semester. Anyone interested in applying for this program should reach out to our graduate admissions office to get started on their application today! 

To learn more, visit or call 251.442.2222. To get started on earning a Master of Science in Leadership and Communication, apply for admission at 

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