My Favorite Class Project Had A Real-World Impact

As a business student at the University of Mobile, each semester is full of papers, projects, and presentations. For any student, constantly writing papers and trying to come up with new ideas for projects can get repetitive and mundane. In the spring semester, however, I was enrolled in a marketing research class that offered a project unlike any other that I had completed in my two-and-a-half years at Mobile.

Our professor, Dr. Jane Finley, told us that we would be conducting research on a business to help them with a specific marketing problem, and then we would present our findings to the company. This immediately sparked my interest because it would be a real-world project done for a business that had a marketing problem, and it would give me a chance to learn something new in a unique way. Later in the semester, Dr. Finley informed us that our research would be conducted on Greer’s, a local and family-owned grocery store. This was exciting news for me because I had recently been offered a marketing internship with Greer’s, and I knew this project could help me gain insight on the company.

Our class began by gathering information to help understand Greer’s and the grocery store industry, and we used this information to help develop a survey that was posted for people to answer. We used the answers to the survey questions to help Greer’s in understanding how they can better target millennials. After analyzing the answers, we began to develop a report that consisted of all the information we had gathered from the beginning of the project. During finals week, we presented our findings to three members of Greer’s.

The University of Mobile grants students unique opportunities by allowing us to work with companies, and make connections that can help in future careers. The School of Business at University of Mobile has helped me experience activities that further me in my life and career in ways that I do not believe are possible at other colleges. Conducting the project on Greer’s gave me a real-life scenario that will benefit me during the rest of my time at the university, as well as providing knowledge that I can take with me after I graduate.

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My Favorite Class Project Had A Real-World Impact

As a business student at the University of Mobile, each semester is...
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