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As a longtime physician and philanthropist, Ernest DeBakey thrived on opportunities to work with young people, often inspiring them to pursue careers in medicine. Through the charitable foundation he created, three University of Mobile nursing students will have full scholarships that pay for their education.

DeBakey died in 2006, nearly a decade after creating the Ernest G. DeBakey Charitable Foundation, which has given millions to foster medical care in underserved communities from Alabama to his native state of Louisiana. His wife, Marsha DeBakey, oversees the foundation and agreed earlier this year to fund three nursing scholarships for four years beginning fall semester 2019, for a total gift of $240,000.

The scholarships will be fulfilled through the University of Mobile Foundation, created in January to support the mission and vision of the university through fundraising and efficient management of the university endowment.

Financial support like the DeBakey Scholarship is vital to the growth of the university and its ability to graduate students to fulfill their Great Commission calling. Ninety-seven percent of

UM students receive some sort of financial aid. And the impact of the DeBakey Scholarship is multi-faceted. It provides much-needed funding for deserving students who are responding to the community’s need for well-trained, excellent nurses. It also serves as a catalyst for others to respond to this need in the form of scholarship dollars.

Luke 10:9 states, “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” Ernest DeBakey brought health and hope to people in rural areas who ordinarily may not receive either. And in this spirit, the next generation of UM students practicing the healing arts will have opportunities to fulfill their professional calling.

The university offers each of its students higher education, encouragement and guidance rooted in Christ’s teachings, and the funding raised through the University of Mobile Foundation helps deliver those blessings to those who need it most.

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